Did Irene damage your Art? What to do next..

As we clean-up and regroup after tropical storm Irene’s weekend visit to the Eastcoast, many are faced with water-damaged items at home and in the workplace, in addition to exterior property damage.

After the trees etc. are cleaned up outside, we turn our focus inside. 

Thankfully, few have had to deal with actual flooding but many have had roof leaks resulting in water running down walls.

Inspect your framed art and photographs.

Pay close attention to pieces hung on exterior walls. These may look fine but moisture can be trapped behind and quickly harm your art. If a piece has become saturated in water, quickly take it to a dry environment and remove it from the frame.

Tell-tale signs of moisture include:

  • fogged glass
  • wavy or sagged paper or canvas art
  • mold spots on paper art and/or mats

If your art is showing any of these signs, it is strongly recommended that you dry it out by removing it from the frame, lay it flat - using paper towels as blotters and flat weights (such as books) to absorb the moisture. Rotate out the paper towels until they come out dry.

If you are not able (or feel comfortable) to do this yourself, our shop is here for you.

Bring your art in and we will be happy to inspect your items for you - at no charge.

Frame Nation understands the value and sentimental aspects of your art and memories and our expert staff is here to assist.

Here is some more detailed information on how to care for water damaged art, photos, books, textiles and other home furnishings.  http://www.art-restoration.com/damage.htm

After inspection, you may be in need of an art conservationist. If so, visit our resource page and view the Picture Framing and Art conservation listings for experts in our area and beyond. 

Hope the clean-up goes well for us all and let us know if we can help!

p.s. if the earthquake did damage to your art let us know too. We are offering FREE labor with purchase of glass replacement.